Hi, I'm a videographer that films weddings, AMA!

Weddings can be complicated, so here are some frequently asked questions that might help guide you, to save you from having to remember to email every single question!

Where are you based out of? Do you travel?

I'm based out of Ottawa, Canada. I have yet to travel for work, but am definitely available to!

How long have you been a videographer?

While I've always had a creative side, filming little skits with my sisters and our stuffed animals, and making music videos, I've only really gotten into filming since summer 2017, then that fall, I started to hone my craft in collge.

What is your turn around time?

Depending on the package you purchase, the final product will be delivered within four months of the wedding. This is an absolute maximum, and will often be less than that.

How far in advance do we need to book you for our wedding date?

The sooner, the better! The last thing you want is for someone to come by and book your special day for their own, so beat them to it!

Do you offer photography services?

While photography is a hobby of mine, I tend to stick with videography for work. I can, however, link you up to some good friends, and very talented wedding photographers that would be happy to join in on your special day.

How can I hire you??

Contact me here I give you the personal touch from beginning to end, no filling out endless forms or chat bots. 100% Ben... After you fill out this small contact form.