Catherine and Youri’s Wedding Film

My first wedding

Catherine & Youri’s Wedding was my first wedding I’ve filmed! Catherine and Youri are two friends that came to me and asked to film their special day in Renfrew. Afterwards, I ended up loving the whole process, so much that I started venturing into it more! As a result, I now have this website to show my films!

“My husband and I have known Ben for many years and were thrilled he was able to do our wedding video! Many people highly recommended getting a videographer so we would have a short portrayal of our day along with the photos. We had both seen many examples of Ben’s talent with his video and photography skills and decided to ask him if we would be willing to do a wedding video for us. Ben was incredibly professional and perfectly captured our happiest day! We both had wanted a cute, fun and simple video that would briefly show the many aspects of our day. Ben listened and responded perfectly with what we asked for. Both of us hardly remember seeing him as he snuck around capturing the sweet moments of the day. As a result, we would highly recommend his talents!”

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